As of June 18th, 2021 the following guideline regarding mask wearing has been implemented at Loomis First United Methodist Church:

In compliance with the CDC and California guidelines we are lifting the mask requirement for all vaccinated people that meet on our campus. However, we respect that you may choose to wear a mask.  Please be mindful that we all have different perspectives around touching and hugging.  Above all else, be kind!!

May 16th, 2021 re-opening guidelines:

The Leadership Council has approved opening the sanctuary for Sunday worship starting May 16, 2021.  The intent is to continue helping the congregation be safe at church so everything will not be done just the same as it was before the pandemic.  The Leadership Council has approved a reopening plan and a team is at work preparing for the opening.  Expect some differences that will help create a safe environment. Here is a list of some of what you can expect:

  • Only one service at 9:00 am. Please note: On November 7th the service start time will change to 9:30 am. (The service will be recorded and live-streamed for those that want to participate from home.)
  • Wearing facemasks expected.
  • Social distancing while entering, seated and exiting.
  • Ushers will seat the congregation.
  • Wait to be seated by the ushers
  • Every other pew will be left vacant.
  • Chair rows have been spaced out.
  • Households may sit together, individuals will socially distance.
  • No singing (Center for Disease Control and Placer County Department of Health protocol)
  • Socially distance when entering the Narthex..
  • There will be no bulletins.
  • Garden sliding doors and other exterior doors will be left open during the service. Depending on the weather, the sanctuary could be a little cool or warm, be prepared.
  • Collection plates will not be passed. They will be located by the exits for your offering.
  • At the end of the service the pastor or ushers will direct one row at a time to exit via the side doors.
  • There will not be a “fellowship” time.
  • “No touch” hand sanitizers will be located by the doors.
  • The sanctuary and restrooms will be sanitized every week.
  • Please stay home if not feeling well!
  • Please refrain from hugging and shaking hands.

Our hope is that we will be able to incrementally reduce the above list with the goal of finding a new “normal”.  We also need to remain flexible and adapt to changes required by the Center for Disease Control and the Placer County Department of Health.
We know that not everyone is ready to return to in-person worship.  Each week the service will be live-streamed and recorded so the services can be viewed on YouTube, just as we have for the past year.

Contact the office if you have any questions.