Service Times

At the First United Methodist Church of Loomis, we worship God through our gratitude, our attentiveness, our self-giving and daily acts of kindness.

We gather as a community to pray, praise, give thanks and grow in our relationship to God. Worship services connect us to God and the longings of our hearts.

In the Celebration Service the inspirational messages and uplifting contemporary music create a casual, fun and spirit-centered worship service. Led by the ‘Celebration Music Team’ feel the power and awe of God’s inspiration in a spiritual experience that will energize your soul.

Or be inspired with a traditional service filled with the Holy Spirit. Explore faith questions, reflect on personal journeys, and gather encouragement to go forth in the world renewed. The Chancel Choir creates a beautiful blend of harmony and hymn.

For the summer, starting Sunday June 23rd, join us for a blended Celebration/Traditional Service at 10:00 am.