About Us

Founded by Japanese farmers in 1903, FUMCL is a Reconciling Congregation serving Southern Placer County. We believe that God calls us to put our faith into action wherever we are, welcoming all into the kingdom of God.

Join us for our service times where inspirational messages and uplifting contemporary music create a casual, fun and spiritual environment.

FUMCL maintains a modest home on its grounds, available to families in transition to permanent housing and sustainable living.

Following Jesus by Worshiping God, Deepening Faith, Serving Others, Reaching Out.At Loomis, we are creating disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

See our team of dedicated pastors, volunteers and church administrators who make First United Methodist Church of Loomis a friendly and welcome place for everyone.

The First United Methodist Church of Loomis is one of the oldest congregations in the region. It has been the center of spiritual and community activity since it was started by a group of japanese families at the beginning of the 20th century.

The First United Methodist Church of Loomis is a community-based, spiritual family focused on deepening your Christian faith through worship and serving others in outreach.